The Connected Communities program is a Bendigo Bank initiative that aims to assist in providing grants for projects that will provide opportunities for a broad range of local not for profit community organisations.

Grants are awarded to organisations who can clearly demonstrate the social benefits of their project for their own members and/or the broader Albury Wodonga Community.

How it works

Ongoing funding for Albury Wodonga Connected Communities Ltd (AWCC) is provided by Bendigo Bank as commissions paid on selected accounts of customers who have elected to support the AWCC. These commissions are paid as part of the Bendigo Bank’s community engagement budget and are made at no cost to the customer.

Eligibility Criteria

Applicants must be a community group or not-for-profit organisation within the municipal boundaries of Albury or Wodonga. Grant applications must fit into one of the following grant categories:

  • youth
  • arts and culture
  • community events
  • health and wellbeing
  • sport
  • community services
  • environment
  • disability

Dependent upon the location of your organisation, your application may be referred to another Connected Community or Bendigo Community Bank. 

Applicants must hold an ABN and an appropriate public liability insurance policy. 

Successful applicants must complete the Funding Agreement and provide a tax invoice to AWCC prior to receiving funding.

Ineligible Organisations

The following types of organisations are considered ineligible for funding.

  • If profits do not go to a community group or non-for-profit
  • Activities which promote discrimination, violence, anti-social behaviour, political or religious views.
  • Projects not considered to benefit the communities of Albury and/or Wodonga, as determined by the AWCC
  • Organisations who receive direct income from electronic gaming
  • Requests to cover the cost of wages or
  • Applications for Federal and State Government bodies or
  • Organisations who have received funding from AWCC in the past 12
  • Applications from
  • Grant applications received after the closing dates will be returned to the applicant(s).


If your application is successful, you will be required to:

  • Make an appropriate acknowledgement of the funding source(s) for the project as detailed in the application form – Recognition of Benefits Provided
  • Complete the Grant Assessment Form on the completion of the project


AWCC preferred level of funding will be capped at $5,000 per organisation for Community projects. Funding above $5,000 will be considered on a case-by-case basis and presented to the AWCC Board for approval.

Grant Application Procedure

  1. Grant applications will be opened twice yearly (August to September, February to March).
  2. Grant Evaluations are conducted during October and April. 
  3. Grant nights will be held during the months of November and May.
  4. Organisations are limited to one Grant Application in each financial year. Applications must be lodged electronically at
  5. Application forms are available during the application periods. 
  6. On receipt of each Grant Application, AWCC will acknowledge receipt of the application by return email and provide the Applicant Organisation with a copy of the AWCC Company Privacy Policy.
  7. Grant Applications will be referred to the grants sub-committee who will assess whether the application meets AWCC advertised criteria. The sub-committee may refer applications to other directors for advice, if appropriate. The sub-committee reserves the right to request additional information from the applicant during the assessment process. After following the AWCC criteria the sub-committee will recommend approval and the amount of the grant to AWCC’s Board of Directors.
  8. Applications for Grants in excess of $5,000 must be submitted with a detailed project plan and will be assessed and approved by AWCC’s full Board of Directors.
  9. On the approval of a Grant Application, the Applicant Organisation will be advised of the approval in writing and must submit an invoice for payment of the approved amount.
  10. AWCC Grants are generally not subject to GST. Grant Applicants will be advised at the time of approval if GST is applicable.
  11. Upon receipt of an invoice for an approved Grant Application, unless otherwise advised at the time of approval, funds are provided immediately to the Applicant Organisation via their Bendigo Bank account.
  12. Upon payment of a Grant Application, AWCC advertises the successful Grant on its Facebook Page. 
  13. All successful Grant Applicants must provide AWCC with a written report within the nominated period from the date of funding. The report must advise on the outcome of the purpose for which AWCC’s funds were provided, and details of any activities of the Applicant Organisation in the promotion of Albury Wodonga Connected Communities Ltd.
  14. Subject to funding being available, it is AWCC’s intention to provide each Organisation a response and, if applicable, an approval and funding within 60 days.
  15. Decisions by the Board regarding a Grant Applications are final and correspondence will not be entered into.
  16. Unsuccessful Applicants will be advised and feedback provided regarding their application.