About Albury Wodonga Connected Communities

Albury Wodonga Connected Communities (AWCC) is an independent, philanthropic body overseeing charitable grants derived from three Bendigo Bank branches across Albury, Lavington and Wodonga. It is a not for profit company, providing a platform for community groups and organisations to apply for funding across a number of different sectors, located in the Albury Wodonga and surrounding region.

What does AWCC do?

In partnership with the Bendigo Bank, AWCC distributes grants to a variety of members in our community to benefit the broader community as a whole. Grants categories include:

  • Youth
  • Arts and culture
  • Community events
  • Health and well-being
  • Sport
  • Community services
  • Environment
  • Disability

All over Australia, the Bendigo and Adelaide Bank have established more than 200 Community Companies, some as ‘Community Banks’ and others as ‘Connected Communities’, whose contributions to local communities has recently exceeded $165 million and growing every year.

Since establishing Albury Wodonga Connected Communities Ltd in 2017, we have given away over $85,000.00 to local community groups and organisations.