As part of our first round of Grants for 2021, Albury Wodonga Quilting with Friendship received $2000.

We caught up with them to find out more!

Watch the video below to see what they said or read the transcript below.

Can you tell us a little about Albury Wodonga Quilting with Friendship ?

Albury Wodonga Quilting with Friendship is group of around 15 volunteers.

They meet weekly to make beautiful handmade quilts for organisations such as Hilltop Accommodation Centre, Junction Support and UPA Hostel.

The quilts are distributed to their patients and clients.

The quilts are not mass produced.

Each quilt is handmade and unique and produced from donated fabric, wadding and threads.

For the volunteers, these get togethers are not just about supporting the community in need.

They are also about companionship and friendship which is one of life’s best therapies.

What does receiving a Grant like this mean to you?

Albury Wodonga Quilting with Friendship rely solely on donations of fabric, wadding and threads to complete the beautiful quilts.

They also acknowledge the support of Statewide Sewing Centre for hosting the group to create the quilts.

The grant means that Albury Wodonga Quilting with Friendship can purchase supplies so that they can continue to make quilts to support the community.

The quilts are made with love and care and provide comfort and warmth to an individual during very challenging times.

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