The Connected Communities program is a Bendigo Bank initiative that aims to assist in providing grants for projects that will enhance the prosperity of a broad range of local not for profit community organisations.

Grants are awarded to organisations who can clearly demonstrate the social benefits of their project for their own members and/or the broader Albury Wodonga Community.


How it works

Ongoing funding for Albury Wodonga Connected Communities Ltd (AWCC) is provided by Bendigo Bank as commissions paid on selected accounts of customers who have elected to support the AWCC. These commissions are paid as part of the Bendigo Bank’s community engagement budget and are made at no cost to the customer.

For more information on grant eligibility and the grant application process, click here.


It’s as easy as 1,2,3…


  1. Choose Bendigo Bank Albury, Lavington or Wodonga as your local bank
  2. Nominate AWCC as your community beneficiary (by tagging your accounts)
  3. AWCC receives a commission payment from the Bendigo Bank and those commissions total the value of the Grants AWCC is then able to offer

The more new and existing accounts that are tagged,the more funds are donated by Bendigo Bank.

Where do funds go?

Approved Grants are awarded to local organisations only.


Albury Wodonga Connected Communities has its own board of directors. The Board is made up of local community representatives who make the decisions on how the money is allocated.

Albury Wodonga Connected Communities holds two Grant applications per year. The Grants are evaluated by the Albury Wodonga Connected Communities grants sub-committee against specific criteria.


How can you help?

Keeping your profits in the Albury Wodonga region rewards every local.


If you don’t bank with Bendigo Bank, it’s as simple as switching your bank accounts across and asking for them to be tagged to AWCC.

If you already bank with Bendigo Bank, but don’t have your bank accounts tagged, just ask your local branch to tag your accounts to AWCC.


Everyone has banking so why not give Bendigo Bank a try and give back to your community.


Drop into your local Bendigo Bank branch and speak to their friendly staff about linking your business or personal accounts to support AWCC.

Bendigo Bank origins started with focusing on their local community and that hasn’t changed.

Banking with Bendigo Bank and tagging your account with AWCC provides a very simple way for you to support local Albury Wodonga organisations

…without having to make a financial contribution of your own.

There are no additional fees associated with tagging your Bendigo Bank account.

Commissions are paid as part of Bendigo Bank’s community engagement budget and are made at no cost to the customer. There is no change to the way customer accounts operate, and all the funds raised go towards the AWCC local Grants.